About Us

The scopes of Physics for Electronic Material Research Group research activities are growthand characterization of electronic materials, theoretical/numerical studies of electronic material properties, and its application for electronic and optoelectronic devices. Research areas that we are interested in are divided into four major groups that are of nano semiconductors and other nanomaterials, compound semiconductors, superconductors and oxides, and theory and simulations. The study of nano semiconductor is focused on the growth and characterization of nano silicon, carbon and its application to some electronic and optoelectronic devices such as solar cell, light emitting diode, and color sensor. Other nanomaterials are also sinthesized using several physical method such as spray pyrolysis, sol gel, etc. Their applications in industry are also applied such as clarifier, purifier, Li-ion battery. In another field, the study of compound Semiconductor is focused to III-V compound semiconductor and their related materials, such as gallium, nitrate, and antimony based compound semiconductors. These deposited materials have been applied to various electronic devices such as ultraviolet and infrared detectors, gas sensor, laser diode, FET, and MOSFET. The study of superconductor and oxides are focused to superconductors, ferroelectric, pyroelectric and high dielectric materials investigation. Research on superconductor is directed to thin film high critical temperature superconductor and their application in electronic devices. The solid electrolyte fuel cell and supercapacitor application have also been studied. While, the study of theoretical and simulation is specialized to investigate the electronic material properties through theoretical analysis using computer simulation and its probability usage to experimental process of electronic devices.