Research Theme in Fismatel

Development of rare-earth-free BCNO phosphor

We have succeeded in developing of BCNO phosphor using a facile process, without any additional rare earth materials. Emission color of BCNO phosphor can be easily controlled from blue to near red by controlling the ratio of atoms in BCNO. The synthesized BCNO can be applied as a phosphor component in white light emitting diode (LED) devices. This research is conducted in a collaboration with Prof. Kikuo Okuyama’s Group at Hiroshima University.



Development of nanocatalyst material for enhanced oil recovery

We have succeeded in fabrication of FexOy and NiO nanocrystalline powder using a wet chemical route. The prepared powder were applied for catalyst in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).




Morphology control and designing of particles

Several structures and morphologies, such as aggregates, hollow, porous, doughnut, hairy, raspberry, and encapsulated particles have been succesfully designed via aerosol spray method. (The figure is designed by Dr. Lee Sin Young)




Perpendicular FePt nanoparticles for high density recording

The phenomenon of atomic motion between the nanoparticle and its substrate was examined in constructing perpendicularly aligned FePt nanoparticle structures. The measurements for the in-plane and out-of-plane direction exhibited perpendicularly oriented magnetization and a L10 ordered phase with a perpendicular easy axis orientation. These results might open a new path toward ultrahigh density storage media from chemically synthesized FePt nanoparticles.This research has been conducted in a collaboration with Prof. Kikuo Okuyama’s Group at Hiroshima University and Toshiba Corp., Japan.



The cathode material development for lithium-ion battery

We have been currently developing research about cathode material, especially for LiFePO4 and Li2FeSiO4 to obtain the high performance of lithium-ion battery. The research has been successfully explored by hydrothermal and solvothermal synthesis method.

The cathode material development for lithium-ion battery